Why MonaLisa Touch Is a Great Option for Postmenopausal Women

As you get older, your mind and body go through some expected changes. You gain emotional wisdom, experience, and connections with your loved ones, and you may embrace this new stage of your life with enthusiasm.Your body’s physical transformations, however, may not be quite as ideal. Especially after menopause, you may experience a variety of symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy, including pain during intercourse.

Because we understand the importance of sexual intimacy throughout every stage of your life, the aesthetic specialists at Atmosphere Med Spa in Boise, Idaho, provide MonaLisa Touch® vaginal health restoration treatments to address many postmenopausal symptoms.

Genitourinary syndrome of menopause

During menopause, your body’s supply of estrogen decreases. This hormonal change contributes to many postmenopausal symptoms, including vaginal atrophy. Urinary problems frequently accompany vaginal atrophy, which is why we commonly use the term genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) to refer to these symptoms.

You may experience the following if you have GSM:

  • Vaginal dryness, burning, or discharge
  • Genital itching
  • Burning or urgency with urination
  • Increased urinary tract infections
  • Mild urinary incontinence
  • Slight bleeding or pain during or after intercourse
  • Tightening of the vaginal canal

These symptoms are generally uncomfortable, and may contribute to a decrease in sexual intimacy with your partner. Though you may be embarrassed by the changes to your body, we encourage you to discuss these symptoms with us. At Atmosphere Med Spa, we specialize in vaginal health restoration and offer the MonaLisa Touch laser as a treatment option for symptoms of GSM.

Laser energy and the body’s own healing process

MonaLisa Touch uses advanced laser technology to treat postmenopausal vaginal and urinary symptoms. It stimulates your body’s production of new tissue, providing an effective, nonhormonal alternative to lubricating gels and estrogen creams or pills.

The CO2 fractional laser works by heating the tissue of the vaginal walls, making a series of small holes. In response, your body works to repair the holes, using its own healing process that increases blood flow to the area, generates new tissue, and increases collagen and elasticity.

This natural restoration of your vaginal tissues means that your vagina has increased lubrication and decreased symptoms of vaginal atrophy, helping make sex more comfortable. The urinary symptoms of GSM also decrease, and you start to feel more like yourself.

MonaLisa Touch treatment and results

Our MonaLisa Touch procedures are well-tolerated and quick to alleviate your postmenopausal symptoms. They’re nonsurgical and nearly pain-free, and require no preparation or downtime.

Each in-office session lasts about 40 minutes. We insert the wand-like device into your vaginal canal where it delivers the laser energy to your vaginal tissue. It causes minimal pain and doesn’t require anesthesia.

There are no major side effects of the treatment, but you may experience slight discomfort, like a mild sunburn, that lasts 1-2 days. There’s no recovery time after the procedure, though It’s best if you don’t have sexual intercourse for about a week.

Your treatment plan likely includes three sessions with the MonaLisa Touch, spaced six weeks apart. You should experience a decrease in your GSM symptoms throughout the course of your treatment. The final results of your vaginal restoration include increased lubrication, more pleasurable sex, and relief of urinary problems.

Just because you’re postmenopausal doesn’t mean you have to accept a less enjoyable sex life. At Atmosphere Med Spa, we believe your gynecological health and ability to enjoy intercourse are important. If you’re ready to find out if MonaLisa Touch treatments are right for you, call us today or schedule an appointment online.