Learn How SculpSure Can Banish Your Bulges for Good Without Surgery


Just about everyone who has invested time and effort into getting fit and getting rid of fat can tell you that certain areas of your body simply don’t respond. For example, there are no exercises to help take care of a fat pocket under your chin. Other common stubborn areas include your flanks, commonly known as the “love handles,” and your thighs, back, and abdomen.

For years, the only way to permanently get rid of those pockets of stubborn fat was to have liposuction, which is costly, requires significant recovery time, and is a surgical procedure. Now, however, newer methods of fat removal have arrived. One of them is SculpSure, and it’s available at Atmosphere Med Spa.

SculpSure uses heat to eradicate fat cells

SculpSure is a laser treatment, and the device uses targeted energy to heat fat cells to a temperature that destroys them while leaving the skin and surrounding tissues unaffected. When the treatment begins, the device will be placed on the targeted area.

The laser goes through cycles, heating, and cooling during the treatment. This cycling keeps your skin comfortable while still allowing the fat cells to be super-heated. You may feel a tingling or a warmth, but you’ll be comfortable.

Results take some time
The treatment takes only about 30 minutes, as the heat from the procedure damages the fat cells beyond repair. Over the next three months, your body will eliminate those cells through your lymphatic system. You’ll likely start to see some results in a matter of weeks.

Depending on your goals, you may need more than one treatment. Before undergoing the procedure, your provider at Atmosphere Med Spa will talk to you about what you want and should expect from SculpSure treatments. Because everyone is unique, and you’ll have your specific goals, your treatment plan is likely to be different than someone else’s.

SculpSure is fast and permanent

Compared with other body sculpting procedures, SculpSure is fast. Treatments can usually happen in less than a half-hour, and there is no recovery time necessary. Some people refer to it as a “lunch hour treatment” because you can have the procedure during lunch and return to work immediately.

Once the fat cells have been destroyed and removed through your body’s natural processes, they are gone for good. As long as you maintain healthy habits, your results are permanent.

SculpSure is noninvasive and effective

One of the best aspects of SculpSure for fat elimination is that it is nonsurgical. The device sits on top of your skin during the procedure, which means there is no risk of infection. In fact, because the treatment is so comfortable, you don’t even need a numbing cream or local anesthetic.

Studies of the procedure show that you’re likely to see about a 24% reduction in fat in the treated area after one treatment and that you’ll see the full results in 12 weeks.

If you’d like to learn more about SculpSure and find out if you may be a candidate, book an appointment online or by phone with an expert at Atmosphere Med Spa. SculpSure may be the solution to that bulge that has annoyed you for years.