6 Ways The Icon Laser Can Improve Your Skin


Anything with the word “laser” in it sounds a little dangerous. But years of research back up the Icon™ Aesthetic System’s safe and gentle laser treatments.

Icon treatments use fractionated lasers. Basically, this means that the laser beam goes through a series of lenses that break up, or “fracture,” the light. This not only covers a larger surface area, but it also reduces the energy of the light so that it doesn’t burn the skin or cause the top layer to peel and die.

Icon’s non-ablative treatment allows you to walk out of the office with little or no downtime after your treatment. It also means that patients with darker skin suffer no scarring or hyperpigmentation like so many other treatments on the market.

So exactly what do we use Icon laser treatments for at Atmosphere Med Spa? Here are six ways the Icon laser can improve the appearance of your skin — and make you feel better in the process.

1. Leg veins

Most of us have them: those little red or blue lines running across our legs. They’re spider veins, and they are about as welcome as the creature they’re named for.

There are lots of different treatments available. But most involve injections or surgery, both of which leave you open to infection and scarring. The Icon laser can save you from that. The gentle beam of light safely penetrates the skin, targeting the useless and unwanted veins.

The beam damages the veins, causing them to shrivel and die in the days and weeks after the treatment. The body eliminates the dead cells, giving your legs a younger and fresher appearance.

2. Wrinkle reduction

Has time left a roadmap across your face? Well, you don’t have to live with it. At Atmosphere Med Spa, we offer Icon treatment for wrinkle reduction. Our medical specialist simply holds the Icon laser over the affected area, delivering short pulses of laser energy to the site.

The laser energy penetrates to the desired depth, stimulating the layers below the skin such as collagen and other connective layers. As these layers of tissue heal, the process actually spurs the growth of new tissue, giving your skin more support. The Icon treatment reduces or eliminates those fine lines and wrinkles that gather around your eyes and mouth.

3. Stretch marks

We all know that those bundles of joy leave their mark on our skin after pregnancy, but stretch marks can develop anywhere on your body, particularly after significant weight loss. Like treating wrinkles, the Icon laser stimulates the skin layer below the stretch marks, spurring the body to heal from below, reducing or eliminating the marks on the surface.

4. Facial photorejuvenation

If you struggle with skin issues such as rosacea, hyperpigmentation, or sun damage, suffer no longer. At Atmosphere Med Spa, we offer Icon treatments that not only even out the color of your skin, but also reduce hypersensitivity that goes along with these conditions. Like dealing with wrinkles, it works because the Icon laser causes mild damage below the skin to encourage healing from within.

5. Skin resurfacing

Sometimes just dealing with the discoloration of rosacea isn’t enough. Severe cases develop bumps similar to acne, but they never seem to heal. Or you may have small pits or dents as reminders of teenage acne or even childhood chickenpox.

The good news is, you don’t have to live with these skin problems. Our Icon laser treatments spur the development of healthy skin, reducing or eliminating the inflammation that goes along with rosacea, as well as mild scarring. These treatments aren’t limited to your face but can get rid of imperfections virtually anywhere on your body.

6. Hair removal

If you aren’t worried about wrinkles or stretch marks yet, but you’re tired of shaving, Icon may be the answer. Whether it is hair on your legs, under your arms, or just those little hairs that pop out on your face, we can help you at Atmosphere Med Spa. With the Icon laser’s beam, we can target the hair follicle while leaving your skin untouched and ensuring that you don’t need to shave or wax that unwanted body hair away anymore.

Sound good? Then just contact us and set up an appointment to discuss how you can achieve smoother, healthier skin.